Peruvian Chasqui

Introducing Peruvian Chasqui coffee medium roast bean that embodies the essence of excellence. With its smooth body, mild acidity, and timeless flavors of walnut, chocolate, nougat, and raisin, it’s like sipping on a delightful candy bar.

The Chasquis, revered messengers of the Inca empire, were the epitome of fitness and training, the absolute best of their time. They not only traversed vast distances and challenging terrains to deliver messages but also possessed the skills to read, translate, and maintain order.

Our Peruvian Chasqui coffee pays homage to their legacy. It’s a curated collection of the finest coffee lots from across Peru, just like the Chasquis were the best of the best. The coffee cherries undergo meticulous machine cleaning and processing, followed by careful sorting by color and density to ensure that only the crème de la crème beans make the cut.

This 12-ounce (340g) delight is tailored for coffee connoisseurs.