A desire to provide good fresh roasted coffee to people that have the same interest in GOOD Coffee. Milwaukee Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Our Story

Craft coffee connoisseur and green coffee roaster started roasting coffee at home in Milwaukee Wisconsin over 14 years ago using different methods.  Neighbors and friends could smell it roasting and asked, “What is that smell?”. What started as a hobby has grown into a niche of providing consistent small batch craft roasted coffee to friends and those neighbors.  We have come a long way since then.  We are still small enough that we have good control of our sourcing of green beans and roasting.  We now roast on a gas fired Toper Cafemino roaster.

We want everyone to experience great smelling, tasting and looking good fresh coffee. Whether you drink it straight up as an espresso in the morning to an afternoon french press to a evening drip, the coffee should be fresh, smell great and smooth, not acidity.

We buy green coffee beans we enjoy roasting and drinking from all over the world.  All we ask is that you enjoy a cup of coffee with a smile.  We still roast and you can smell it more on a windy day in our neighborhood.

Thank you for all your support.


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