Small-batch Crafted-roasted coffee and Our Journey from home roasting in Milwaukee to crafting exceptional coffee. Experience fresh, smooth, low-acidity coffee with us today!

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Coffee Crafted with Love: Our Journey from Home Roasting

Over 14 years ago, our passion for coffee led us to start roasting at home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The alluring aroma of fresh coffee drew in neighbors and friends, inspiring us to share our small-batch craft-roasted coffee. While we’ve grown since then, we’ve remained committed to sourcing the finest green beans and perfecting our roasting process. Today, we roast on a state-of-the-art Toper Cafemino roaster, ensuring every cup is an exquisite experience.

Our mission is simple: to offer coffee that’s not just fresh and aromatic but exceptionally smooth, with low acidity. We select our green coffee beans from around the world, focusing on what we love to roast and drink ourselves. Whether you enjoy a morning espresso, an afternoon French press, or an evening drip, our coffee promises to make you smile.

Even now, on a breezy day in our neighborhood, you can catch the irresistible scent of our coffee being roasted. We’re grateful for your unwavering support.

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